Denver Skylights

Installation & Repair

Skylights have transformed many homes and business in the Denver area. If you are interested enhancing your space with a Denver skylight installation or repair project, talk to the expert contractors at Pinnacle Roofing Solutions today.

We can help you choose the perfect placement, find the ideal skylight products, and complete the entire installation process to ensure the best outcome.

If you already have a skylight and it is broken, cracked or leaking, then you’ll need a professional who can fix it for you. Our skylight repair professionals are experts at fixing the common leaks that stem from condensation during extreme heat or cold during the winter or summer.

On each skylight repair project, our contractors will come to assess the problem and will give you advice on whether you should repair or replace it. Sometimes, replacements are cheaper and look much better than the original. We’ll give our experienced, honest opinion on your unique situation.

The great thing about hiring our licensed professionals for your skylight installation and repair is that we also specialize in Denver roofing. This means we have the expertise needed to successfully repair and install skylights without creating issues with your roof. We assess the entire package — roof and skylight.

When it comes to a new installation, we will look at the site’s access, roof material, roof pitch and other factors that will play a role in the location and installation of your new skylight.

To learn more about our Denver skylight installation and repair services, contact Pinnacle Roofing Solutions today!