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Denver homes require maintenance just like any other. Residential roofing in Denver must meet very specific standards, while others have specific material needs to help withstand the extreme weather. Pinnacle Roofing Solutions has served Denver with its residential roofing needs and services for over thirty years. Denver residential roofing often requires unique solutions and options that Pinnacle is well-suited to provide, given our significant experience and excellent residential roofing contractors in the Denver area.

Residential Roofing Materials for Denver

Pinnacle Roofing Solutions, for your residential roofing in Denver, utilizes many different types of roofing materials to suit the various needs of Denver homes. Slate roofs have grown in popularity as a Denver residential roofing option. Slate's smooth, natural appearance adds an aesthetic distinction to Denver homes, while having one of the best roofing material lifespans of 50 to 75 years. However, slate can be a costly residential roofing option. In fact, many homeowners looking for the appearance of slate will instead use our composition slate.  

This “rubber slate” residential roofing material simulates the appearance of slate, but is made from recycled materials and weighs significantly less as a residential roofing solution for Denver homes. While Composite slate is a less costly residential roofing option for homes, it is still more expensive than traditional composition asphalt shingles. It is guaranteed for 50 years, typically as a residential roofing option.

Wood Shake & Ceramic Tile in Denver

Wood shake and ceramic tiles for residential roofing are less commonly used in Denver but are still available to create the residential roofing solutions you desire. These options are often sought after for their residential roofing appearance, though they can be rather expensive when compared to the asphalt composition shingles.

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Asphalt Composition Shingles

Asphalt composition shingles are the most common of all residential roofing solutions available to Denver homeowners. The main consideration with asphalt composition shingle residential roofing is that it tends to last the shortest amount time compared to other residential roofing materials used in Denver. The typical duration of asphalt composition is between 15 to 20 years, but it can last beyond that with excellent maintenance from Pinnacle Roofing Solutions.

Denver's Premier Residential Roofing Company

Pinnacle is proud of its BBB rating of A+, and we have continued offering our Denver residents the best in Residential Roofing Solutions for more than 30 years. Our expert contractors will work with you to create a logical and affordable residential roofing solution for your Denver property, with honesty and integrity. We guarantee our quality work and the very best in customer service.

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Pinnacle Roofing Solutions are Denver roofing contractors that provide customers with an unmatched level of expert Denver residential roofing services and the ultimate customer experience.
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