Roof Inspection in Denver, CO

insurance adjuster figuring hail damage done to insured roof.

Roof inspections are commonly performed on Denver homes to check the roof's health, to check for any issues with the roof, and to help maintain its strength and condition. Pinnacle Roofing Solutions offers free roof inspections for hail damage, one of Denver's most common causes for roof damage, and for maintenance check-ups. Pinnacle Roofing Solutions is more than willing to perform your roof inspections today, so we can get you up and running again, with ease.

Roofing Issues in Denver No More

The major points of your roofing inspection include making sure that your structure is in working order and keeping you and yours out of the elements. A typical roof inspection will provide check points covering the overall appearance of your roof inside and out for damage or surface deterioration. Our roof inspectors will also check for ceiling cracks or leaks, as well as the condition of flashing and gutters. Our roof inspections are primarily received when a customer is concerned with water collection or other minor issues with your roofing structure in Denver.

Check points included with a Pinnacle Roofing Solutions hail damage roof inspection often include, though are no limited to:

Check the Soft Metals

Areas such as the vents and exhaust caps on the roof typically experience damage first, before the shingles. The vinyl trim surrounding your windows and the roof flashing also need to be examined during the inspection.

Levels of Hail Damage

There are several degrees of hail damage we look for in roof inspections. From mild to severe damage, bruising, granule loss, edge removal, wood splitting and asphalt underlayment fracturing. Though it’s unlikely you'll need total roof replacement with only granular loss, we'll make certain of that here at Pinnacle.

Identify Impact to Sloped Roofs

Hail can cause damage to pitched or sloped rooftops, depending on the direction it came from. This typically causes damage primarily to only one side of a roof. The most severe damages caused are perpendicular impacts.

Replacing Your Roof

Make sure that your new roof shingles are the very best quality. Checking the shingles' resistance to hail reduces the chances of damage in the future and can be highly beneficial to you and your home. Class 1 shingles are the least resistant, while Class 4 offer the highest level of resistance.

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