Hail Damage & Leaking Roof Repair in Denver, CO

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Your roof takes a hard beating from weather throughout the year in Denver, especially during the cooler months when it is vulnerable to snow, rain and hail damage. Hail damage can wreak havoc on the integrity of your property and lead to a leaking roof in your Denver property.

Say No to a Leaky Roof in Denver 

In Denver, a surprisingly high percentage of all roof damage is caused by hail, which can lead to a severe roof leak within your home. According to stats compiled by the Federal Alliance of Safe Homes, the nationwide bill for hail damage to rooftops is over $1.6 million annually. Unfortunately, associating hail damage to your Denver property within your insurance policy can be quite costly.

According to Matt Buys, a representative of Denver contractor Division One Construction, another issue with hail damage is the inability to assess the damage yourself. That is, until it's too late. “It’s recommended that you hire a roofing professional for a thorough hail damage inspection after a hail storm on your Denver property. This is just one of many situations where an experienced eye for hail damage and roof repair is required.”

Checkpoints that we cover when providing you with a Pinnacle Roofing Solutions hail damage inspection include, though are not limited to:

Check the Soft Metals for Hail Damage and Leaks

This includes areas like vents and exhaust caps. These are the areas that typically experience hail damage first, before the shingles. The vinyl trim surrounding your windows and the roof flashing also need to be examined to avoid a leaking roof on your Denver property.

Levels of Hail Damage to Your Denver Property

There are different degrees of hail damage. From mild to severe, you may have bruising, granule loss, edge removal, wood splitting and even asphalt underlayment fracturing. It’s unlikely that you’ll need total roof replacement if you're dealing solely with granular loss, but severe hail damage can lead to a roof leak that will certainly require repair on your Denver property.

Identify Impact to Sloped Roofs by Hail Damage

Hail damage can be particularly harmful to pitched or sloped rooftops, depending on the direction the weather traveled to your Denver home. This typically causes hail damage primarily to one side of the roof. The most severe hail damage is usually caused by perpendicular impacts.

Replacing Your Leaking Roof After Hail Damage in Denver

Make sure that your new roof shingles are in great shape. Checking the shingle’s resistance to hail damage reduces the chances of damage in the future. Class 1 shingles are the least resistant and Class 4 offer the highest level of resistance to hail damage, for avoiding leaking roofs within the Denver area.

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